Prices for DJs in Orlando, Kissimmee and surrounding areas:

Weddings aren’t getting any cheaper, but knowing how important the entertainment is, you can’t risk the most important day of your life to a cheap solution.  We totally get it and that is why we have created this page.  The truth is, it is impossible to give you an accurate quote when we don’t know anything about your needs, so we are going to give you a range so you know if we are in the ball park.  The following price ranges are for wedding receptions only, if you want info for other typse of events, please contact us and we will be happy to email you those ranges or if you have time to talk we can give you a quote over the phone.

Yes, we are not the cheapest, but with a 5.0 rating on Wedding Wire with numerous reviews, the most successful school dance division in the state, and 100% satisfaction on corporate events, we are the best bang for the buck.

Under $995.00 – This range is for our price-conscious Orlando brides that were terrified about getting a bad alternative to a pro DJ that would either just give them a “cookie-cutter” reception or worse, be one of the DJ horror stories that they have heard about.  They will be excited because we can give them a great entertainment choice with so much more then they thought possible at this budget.

$995.00 to $1295.00 – This range covers our brides that have a budget, but are able to pay a little more for some unique options.  They were struggling with finding a DJ that could give them a much more personal experience and help them bring their vision to reality.

$1300 to ??? – This range is for the bride that has placed entertainment / lighting décor as her highest priority, but is worried about going with someone that is going to take advantage of her and look to upsell her to death. They will appreciate working with us because we have lots to offer, but consult with them to get just what they need to make their wedding perfect.

So do we fit? Then don’t waste any time and contact us now! Call 407.745.0922 and speak to someone today!

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